10 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is often thought of as a “super power” that helps us recognize, understand, and manage our emotions. People with a high emotional intelligence (EQ) have learned how to manage their emotions to drive positivity in their life.

Here are 10 signs that you have a high emotional intelligence:


1. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses

Knowing how to leverage your strengths, and work on your weaknesses is something that high EQ people are great at.


2. You don’t get offended easily

When you know who you are, it doesn’t bother you when others project their thoughts about you.


3. You don’t hold grudges

Holding grudges does no good and brings stress into your life. High EQ people know that adding stress is always a bad idea.


4. You don’t interact with negative people

Those that don’t reflect a positive outlook on life deserve none of your time. Instead those with a high EQ surround themselves with only the best.


5. You enjoy the journey

Reaching goals don’t happen overnight, and it’s often the journey of obtaining those goals that drive positive change in life. Those with a high EQ enjoy the ups and downs as they pursue their goals, knowing that each hurdle makes them stronger.


6. You block out negative self talk

The mind has a funny way of reverting to negativity when it has time to itself. High EQ individuals are able to take a step back and replace those thoughts with positive ones. Over time their brain realizes that there is no place for negativity, and those thoughts begin to slow.


7. You know how to say no

Whether it’s an invitation to an event, meet up with friends, or a coffee meeting – high EQ people know that their time is valuable and should try and do nothing out of obligation. A “hell yes” or a “no” is how they respond to opportunities.


8. You enjoy time alone

High EQ people don’t need external stimulation to enjoy themselves. Whether it’s getting lost in thought, or reading a book, they enjoy and value their time alone.


9. You understand people are different

Not everyone has the same life circumstances and those with a high EQ can see how their own life perspective may differ from others. This allows them to better see the world through someone else’s eyes.


10. You don’t seek perfection

Those with a high EQ know that perfection is impossible and trying to reach it is a fools game. Instead they focus on reaching their goals and enjoy the journey as it comes.


About the author: Eric is a co-founder at The Mindful Tech Lab where he focuses on creating self care technology to help millions of people around the world improve their body and mind. He is a strong proponent of positive psychology and enjoys reading, writing, and sharing the benefits to help others live their own best life. 



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