8 Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Life

We’re always looking to improve and optimize our lives, so here are 8 of my favorite quick tips to give you a boost!


1. Look inward

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to take a step back and look inside. Try and make time to take a pulse of how you are feeling (body and mind) and apply it accordingly.


2. Learn something new

There is an endless amount of information available at your fingertips (thanks to the internet!). Back when we were in school we had little choice about what to learn, but now we can explore anything that piques our interest. Go explore!


3. Release the past

The past does nothing for us and can be a major burden on our current and future happiness. Take the time to address any past issues and just let them go. You will be free to live your life on your own terms!

4. Chat with family and friends

These close relationships are a gateway to happiness. Maybe you haven’t talked to someone in a long time, but would love to catch up – make today that day you reconnect.


5. Go after your passion

Stop talking about your “great” ideas and start putting them into action, today!


6. Get to the edge of your comfort zone

You’ll feel alive again as soon as you start to tackle things just outside of what you normally consider to be comfortable. The body and mind feed off of change, and that’s really the best way to grow as a person.


7. Stop comparing yourself to others

If you’re going to compare yourself to anyone, make it be your previous self. By comparing one aspect of your life to another person’s, you are doing no favors. Everyone’s life has many intricacies, yours included, and while one area can look great, another can be a total disaster.


8. Think positive

The brain is designed to work optimally when you are in a positive mindset. There are enough elements going against you, why waste time with negative thoughts from your own self? Yes, it makes no sense at all.

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