The Well Woman Guide [eBook]

Hi! I’m Sarah-Kate Rems, co-founder at The Mindful Tech Lab (creator of the top health and wellness chatbots on Messenger) and women’s health Nurse Practitioner. I created this book to bring the same women’s health tips I give my patients in practice to a larger audience (that’s you!). Many of these tips will likely be completely new to you, some you may already know, and some you may have heard before but have forgotten.

I dive into four main areas:

Beauty – pgs. 2-9

Fitness – pgs. 10-19

Nutrition – pgs. 20-27

Fertility – pgs. 28-35

Download and and use these tips as a reference guide throughout your life!


What they’re saying…

“Sarah-Kate has a way of making these tips so simple to understand and to implement in my life. Love it!” – Elizabeth

“No fluff, just great tips to live by. Highly recommend” – Steph

“I bought this book for the tips on fertility, but found myself using the tups to improve my diet and exercise too! Thanks Sarah-Kate!” – Anaya

“A woman’s body is complicated, Sarah-Kate makes it simple for us to better understand it and ways to improve it!” – Bridget

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