The 20 Principles That I Live By

Principles can be thought of as your “guiding light” behind everything you do. Defining and living by your own personal principles will make every decision in life more straight forward. The great news is that principles can be borrowed and modified in any way to fit your own life goals. In fact, many of my principles have been developed based on my role models’ personal principles (from their books, talks, blog posts, etc.).

While I’ve been developing these principles over the years, this is the first time I’ve ever written them out for myself and the world to see. Enjoy!

1. Ideas mean nothing, execution is everything! Don’t be an idea guy, be a creator.


2. “Hell Yes” or “NO” to potential opportunities. Never do anything out of obligation or pressure.


3. Quality over quantity. This includes everything from friends to material possessions.


4. Mental health requires a daily workout, just as much as my physical health. Meditation is a great way to achieve this.


5. Worrying is toxic to the body and mind, avoid it at all costs.


6. Hard choices make for an easy life. Easy choices make for a hard life. Make the hard choices.


7. Negative people don’t get any of my attention – that includes friends, family, business contacts, etc.


8. Hold strong opinions in areas that I’m knowledgeable in, but be radically open minded enough to modify them based on new information.


9. While I can’t control everything that happens, I can control my response (a favorite Buddhist principle of mine).


10. Live in day-focused compartments. Use the past only to learn from, and the future as a goal setting mechanism.


11. Once a goal is achieved, figure out how to sustain it.


12. Live with a fine daily balance between introversion and extraversion. There is an appropriate time for both.


13. Nature offers natural meditation and inner peace, enjoy it whenever possible.


14. Don’t care about what other people think about you. Live my own best life. Be an original.


15. When feeling stress in the body, stop and breathe deeply from the stomach.


16. Always be on time. Making other people wait is valuing your time over others (which it’s not).


17. Happiness is a conscious choice, not a goal to be sought after. 


18. Sleep is a top priority. You can’t achieve great things on a lack of sleep.


19. Death was designed as a way to make me live my life to the fullest. Don’t fear death, leverage it.


20. Recognize my ego when it arises, laugh at it and move on.

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