5 Essential Tools To Make Healthy Meals

Making healthy and tasty meals can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. We cook all of the time and so we know the best tools to prepare healthy meals and we have made them available at The Mindful Tech Shop to give you easy access to these tools as well.

Below lists our top 5 tools to help you to make healthy meals at home:

1. Oil sprayer

This device is amazing because it allows for you to deliver an even layer of oil to your meals. Using this tool makes it easy to control as much or as little oil as you want to add to your food. This is perfect to use instead of those aerosol pan sprayers as well. I love olive oil and I love the health benefits of olive oil, however, it is very easy to over pour olive oil on meals. 1 Tbsp has about 120 calories, and it is easy to double or triple this amount without even realizing it. Heavy pours of oil on meals is often a likely cause for stalls in weight loss, or even a contributor to weight gain. 

2. Vegetable slicer

Slicing vegetables with your hands can be very messy, takes a long time, and can even be dangerous. Using a high quality slicer makes preparing vegetables much easier, quicker, and safer. We love using the vegetable slicer especially when we are meal prepping for the whole week and have a ton of vegetables to slice. 

3. Egg poacher

Poaching eggs is one of the healthiest – and tastiest – ways to prepare eggs because it uses no oil, only water and heat to make a perfectly cooked egg. However, poaching eggs is easier said than done, and can be quite tricky if you aren’t careful. For this reason, using an egg poacher tool is essential for poaching eggs. 

4. Food scale

If you are trying to figure out your perfect portions of food, then a food scale is an absolute must. You don’t know how much 4 ounces of chicken is? Put it on the scale. You don’t know how much 28 ounces of brazil nuts is? Put it on the scale. I love using the food scale because it lets you see exactly what a portion of any type of food should be. Portion control is key because sometimes we can overdue it even on healthy foods.

5. Spiralizer

The spiralizer is a device that makes noodles from vegetables and fruits. After spiralizing, you can eat the noodles raw, bake, or cook them on the stove. I use the spiralizer almost every single day, I love it!