5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Website

With bits and pieces of my personal and professional story scattered across the web, I felt that depending on where someone began, they weren’t getting the full picture (in the way I wanted to present myself). That’s why several years ago I decided to purchase the domain ericrems.com and create my central portal and starting point for all things Eric Rems.

Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase your domain name today (see #3 below) and start building your personal website today.

1. You’re More Than a Static Resume. Tell Your Story.
Unlike a traditional resume, your website gives future employers a better look into your real personality and achievements. With hiring managers receiving hundreds of resumes, your personal website is a sure fire way to stand out in the crowd. For me, it helps more effectively breakout my startup experience vs. my “traditional” career path, something that is very challenging to do on a resume.

Check out how Nina Mufleh’s creative personal site caught the eye of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and landed her an interview.

2. People Google You. Own The Results.
The majority of people searching online don’t make it past the first page of search results. Owning a FirstnameLastname.com domain and building out your site is the simplest way to move your personal website up the ranks and secure the top search result.

This man was arrested then acquitted of all charges, yet an article from a local newspaper on his arrest remained the top search result for his name.

3. Security.
A domain name costs less than a beer nowadays. That to me is a cheap hedge against somebody else owning your domain name and directing it to who the hell knows where. Even if you don’t plan on building out your site just yet, do yourself a favor and purchase your unique domain name.

Look no further than 2016 presidential candidates TedCruz.com and CarlyFiorina.org to see this in action.

4. Build and Control Your Personal Brand.
We are all CEO’s of our personal brand — “Me, Inc.”. Companies know the importance of creating a brand message and actively communicating that message to consumers (Mercedes -> Luxury). A personal website is a great way to communicate your brand to potential employers, clients and others who may be “Googling” you.

5. Create Your Central Hub.
You’re everywhere on the internet…Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, etc…but where do people begin? Just like an introduction to a book, your personal website serves as an overview and jumping off point to your story (the way you want people to read it). Think of it as your “Master Profile”.


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