5 Ways Foam Rolling Decreases Stress and Depression

Getting a massage is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself and if you’ve ever had a massage, then you know how amazing it feels for both your mind and body. A massage makes you feel more relaxed, clear headed, and relieves tight muscles.  Unfortunately, a massage can get costly and can be time consuming when you try to do it on the regular. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an effective, inexpensive tool you could use DAILY that gave you the same benefits as a massage?? Insert the foam roller! Foam rolling is a form of massage that is cost effective and saves you a ton of time. The benefits of foam rolling go way beyond relieving muscle tension because foam rolling is also great for your mind. 

Below lists ways foam rolling helps to relieve stress and depression:

1. Decreases tension

The main stress hormone, cortisol, is increased after hard exercise as well as with stressful situations and leads to tension buildup in your muscles. As your cortisol is coming down after hard exercise, use the foam roller to releases the tension in your muscle tissue. The act of rolling out those knots of tension in your muscles will give your mind a sense of release as well. 

2. Increases happiness

Rolling out tensed muscle tissue may increase the joy inducing neurotransmitter dopamine in your brain. Next time you feel like your muscles are tight and you are feeling down, give yourself a massage by using the foam roller to boost feel good hormones!

3. Mood boosting

Serotonin is the main mood stabilizing hormone in your brain and when serotonin levels are low this causes feelings of anxiousness and depression. Grab the foam roller when you are feeling down and start massaging out those tight muscles to boost your mood.

4. Promotes calm

Focus your attention to your tight muscles and use the foam roller to give yourself a massage to those areas of tension. Massage decreases the excitatory neurons in your brain to promote a calm and peaceful state. 

5. Increases mindfulness

Foam rolling is an extremely effective way to practice mindfulness because as you are massaging out the tense areas of muscle, it forces your mind to draw your attention and focus to the muscles you are working on. 


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