6 Tips to Stay Cool Under Pressure

Pressures arrive in all aspects of our lives, from work to home, but it’s how we deal with these pressures that truly define us. While there’s sometimes a benefit for our ‘fight or flight’ response to kick in, most of the time it’s more beneficial to stay cool, not panic, and deal with the situation at hand with a clear head.

Here are 6 simple ways that you can stay cool under pressure.

1. Pay attention to your breath

When a pressure situation arises, your nervous system will begin to ramp up into ‘fight or flight’. To counteract this, take several deep belly breaths – concentrating only on your breath.


2. Be present

Most of the time we get overcome with pressures because we are thinking about how they will impact us in the future – this is actually a common way to think about anxiety. By focusing on the present moment, we are able to better assess the situation for what it is and begin executing tasks that are most beneficial to success.


3. Identify small / manageable tasks

Nothing says pressure like a challenging objective you are suppose to achieve. We can make these big goals more manageable by breaking them into smaller tasks. Each time we complete a task, our confidence will grow and before we know it they large objective will be achieved.


4. Be positive

One of the key ways to remain calm under pressure is to understand that you can control your own feelings. Finding a way to look on the positive side of a situation will help you handle pressures.


5. Ask for some help

Successful people understand that not everything can be accomplished alone. Never hesitate to reach out to your friends, coworkers, family for help.


6. Positive body language

Smile, get into a power pose (sitting up straight with shoulders back is a good start!), and let your body begin to dictate a positive feeling that you can accomplish anything.