8 Ways to Be a Great Communicator

With all of the chatter going on in today’s world, it’s incredibly important for you to be able to stand out from the crowd and communicate effectively. In fact, one of the most common traits of successful leaders is that they are great communicators. Here are 8 ways to improve your own communication skills:


1. Exude Confidence

Strong communicators speak with a tone of confidence and the audience sees that. If your tone and delivery is unassertive, the audience will sense that and not believe in your points.


2. Be Honest

Don’t try and pass half-truths off as facts, but instead be honest and build trust with your audience. It will go a long way!


3. Solicit Feedback

Effective communicators will ask questions throughout their discussions in order to make sure the audience is engaged and on the same page. 

4. Read Body Language

While it’s important for your own body language to exude confidence, it’s equally important to be able to read your audience’s body language. It’s easy to tell if your audience is engaged just by looking at how they are listening – if you sense negative body language / distraction, it may be time to change up your approach on the fly.


5. Be Present

Stop worrying about the past and the future (“what if they don’t like what I’m saying?”) and instead be fully consumed with your current communication. Your audience needs to feel like what you are communicating is the most important thing you could be doing at this very moment.

6. Know Your Audience

You don’t communicate the same with every person in the world. By knowing and understanding your audience, you can tailor your discussions to best suit them. This is especially important when giving presentations!


7. Be Relatable

This goes hand in hand with knowing your audience. Once you know and understand your audience, you can try and relate to them. By finding common ground first, your message will often be “heard” more.


8. Stop and Listen

Oddly enough, you can communicate better by sometimes not even speaking at all. Let other people share their own knowledge so you can understand more about where they are coming from. This helps people feel that what they say truly matters, and you aren’t trying to just push your agenda.

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