Common Traits of Elite Performers

It’s always great to see the elite performers of the world reach their goals. Whether it’s an athlete finally winning the championship or an entrepreneur building their dreams – it’s fascinating to see the end result of hard work. If we look closely at these successful people, we can find the bread crumbs that they left behind and replicate their success. After studying elite performers across various disciplines, below are the 5 traits that all seem to have in common.


They find failure to be tolerable

Elite performers know that the only way to accomplish anything in life, you need to first try. In doing so, you are bound to fail at some of your endeavors. But after each failure, you get closer and closer to what success looks like. Think about a tennis player here, say Rafael Nadal…at the time of this article he’s LOST 195 matches. BUT he’s won 81 titles. He knows that after each loss he can learn from his mistakes and work to improve them in his next match.


They are obsessed with attention to detail

Have you ever gone to an amazing restaurant and thought to yourself just WOW. Everything hit the spot – from the food to the service to the decor to the vibe. That’s because the restauranteur had an obsession with the details. What goes on behind the scenes is the hard work and caring about every aspect of the restaurant. I’ve even found myself commenting on how clean the bathrooms were after a great night out to dinner. Details matter!

They constantly deliver value

Steve Jobs comes to mind here and his unique ability to always be delivering value to his millions of customers time and time again. He knew that his customers were the most important critiques of his work and made sure that what he launched was always the best. He wasn’t always the first to launch something, but he made sure it was always the best.

They are relentless in their goals

Staying with a singular mission and not stopping until they reach it is something all elite performers possess. This is particularly obvious with high performing athletes. Most have been playing their sports since they were little kids and continue to pursue perfection to this day. I can just picture Lebron James as a 10 year old shooting free throw after free throw into the late hours of the night.


They are passionate

Passion is what inspires others to support you and your mission. Elite performers know that it takes a team of people around them to do big things. Whether it’s the support of their loved ones, or their employees, passion for a mission is something that sets elite performers apart from the crowd.

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