Editorial Policies

Our editorial team takes these policies very seriously as we are here to help our readers live their own best life.

Fact-checking Policy

Our writers must be diligent in choosing the correct words, headlines, and URLs. They are required to understand that words have power and act responsibly. That said, our writers must verify the information they gather,  including identifying information such as names and positions, but also includes factual statements and accounts. Our writers conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy. Themindfultechlifestyle.com will use fact checkers in certain circumstances it deems warranted.


Ethics Policy

Since our launch in 2017, themindfultechlifestyle.com has operated under a strict ethics policy that ensures our editorial independence and the integrity of our journalism. Here are the core guidelines in our code of conduct:

  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage of a story that require us to say certain things
  • We do not give subjects of our reporting the ability to preview or approve interview questions, nor do we allow them to review our stories before we publish
  • We do not make paid endorsements of any kind
  • We do not personally invest in companies we cover
  • Our editorial team does not produce paid content


Correction and retraction policy

It is our responsibility to correct errors that we have previously published. Our policy is to consider requests and make changes if the requester provides compelling evidence that a major claim of our articles was incorrect. Below are some of examples of corrections:

  • A correction is published when there is a factual error in a story.
  • Corrections should be made directly in the article, and text added at the bottom of the page should clarify what has been corrected.
  • Corrections should be concise and make clear how and why the mistake has been corrected.