Essential Items For Your Home Gym

Everyone could benefit from having a home gym and you definitely don’t need a ton of expensive and bulky equipment to do so! Just a few essential items and you are good to go.

Below is a list of essential home gym equipment:

1. Abdominal roller

If you’ve ever tried the abdominal roller then you know this is a killer workout! Not only does it work your abdominals, but it also works your back, shoulders, and arms to give you an awesome upper body workout. Keeping your core strong is extremely important to prevent injury especially for those of us who already suffer from lower back pain or bulging discs.

2. Stability ball

This is the big bouncy exercise ball you’ve seen in gyms or pilates and yoga classes, and is an essential tool for your home gym because it is so versatile. Using the stability ball improves strength, balance, and flexibility and is great for both upper and lower body workouts.

3. Textured foam roller

A textured foam roller is an amazing tool for a variety of reasons and is a definite must for your home. It helps to smooth out tight muscles to prevent injury and pain, increase range of motion and flexibility, and decreases recovery time. The added ridges on this foam roller add greater pressure to harder to reach muscle knots.

4. Smooth foam Roller

This is a great everyday foam roller to use on all areas of your body to help keep muscles long and lean. It is not as aggressive as the textured foam roller and is a good choice if you have never used a foam roller before. 

5. Gliding discs

These discs can be used to intensify all kinds of upper and lower body workouts. Try stepping one foot on the disc and pushing the disc back with your foot into a lunge, and pulling the disc back with the same foot – you definitely will feel the burn! Another great exercise is getting into plank position with each hand on a disc and alternating gliding the discs forward – seriously a killer. 

6. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an awesome workout tool you can use around your ankles, thighs, and wrists. They increase the intensity of your workout by adding extra resistance. For example, wrap a resistance band around your ankles and do jumping jacks to increase the intensity and amp up the calorie burn! 

7. Jump rope

For being such as simple exercise, jumping rope is an extremely effective workout! It is effective because it is both strength training and cardio in one. Not  only does it get your heart rate up and burns hundreds of calories, it also works your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and deltoids as well.

8. Smooth trigger point ball

These circular trigger point balls allow for precise pressure targeting of tight muscle knots. These are great for working out knots in the curved areas of the body that can be difficult to reach with a standard foam roller. These are especially great for the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

9. Spiky trigger point ball

If you have very tight and tense muscles and want the best tool to release them, this is your tool! The spiky surface of this ball really gets into the tight areas of muscle to break up the tension. 

10. Fruit and vegetables infusion water bottle

Whenever you are exercising you should have some water on hand, whether this be at home or at the gym. We love this high tech water bottle because it allows you to add your favorite fruits or vegetables to the central cylinder to infuse the water with flavor. My personal favorite is adding slices of cucumber 🙂 

11. Fitness ring

These rings are awesome for upper and lower body exercises. Put the ring width wise between your hands or thighs and pulse to get an amazing burn and toning workout. 

12. Phone armband carrier

No pockets, no problem! This armband uses a zipper to secure your phone into its pouch, wrap it around your arm and you are good to go with your workout! This is an essential tool that you can use at home, at the gym, or for anytime you don’t have a pocket or free hand to carry your cell phone. 

13. Thigh master

This tool has been around forever, and that’s because it really works! All you do is put the thigh master between your legs and pulse squeeze to  sculpt lean, sculpted legs. You can work your thighs just by watching TV or reading! 

14. Weight lifting gloves

These are essential for keeping your hands, most notably your palms, protected from blistering and  irritation that can come from lifting weights or exercises in the plank position. Don’t let pain stop you from working out!

15. Wireless earphones

Once you start using wireless earphones, you will never want to go back to wires! Think about all those times you’ve tried running, doing lunges, stretching, etc. where you had to take your earphones out because the cord kept getting in the way. No more frustration once you go wireless! 

16. Yoga mat

Having your very own yoga mat is key. Not only will you use this at home for your own yoga practice or for exercises where you are on your knees, but you can also bring it to a park or to a class. Think about all those times you go to a yoga studio and have to not only pay to use one of the mats but also have to use a mat that has been used by hundred of sweaty people. 

17. Stretch circle

This is ultimate full body stretch tool that is great for recovery after a workout. This tool is also great for practicing yogis and fitness enthusiasts who are working on lengthening and stretching out muscles to increase range of motion and flexibility. 

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