Happy People Avoid These 5 Personality Types

Many people say that “you” are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most. If this holds true, it’s important to avoid those with toxic personalities that can bring you down to their level and hinder your own happiness. Try and avoid these 5 personality types in order to keep on your positive path to happiness and success. 


1. The Skeptic

Yes not everything is rainbows and butterflies, but the skeptic wants to find the negative in everything. The world isn’t changed by skeptics, but instead by those visionaries that can see potential challenges and how to overcome them – not drown in them like the skeptic. If you’re looking to achieve big things and be happy, avoid the skeptic at all costs.


2. The Complainer

Whether they’re complaining about their job, marriage, sports team, or whatever – the complainer is a constant drain. They want you to waste your positive energy to empathize with them and agree to their complaints. Don’t waste your time, they always have a new thing to complain about – trust me. 


3. The Victim

Oh yes, the entire world is against you! The victim always finds a way to make it seem like they can’t catch a break because everyone is against them. They see little good in others, and the world in general, and are no help to those seeking success.


4. The Envious

Have you ever heard someone say “It must be nice!” when referring to someone else’s life or lifestyle? This is the tell tale sign of someone who is envious. Those folks that would rather spend their time gawking how awesome someone else’s life is, instead of working on their own. They want you to feel the same way – but you know you too can reach those life goals and don’t want to spend any time being envious of others’ successes. 


5. The Judgmental

It’s easy to sit back, not do anything, and just judge others. They get satisfaction by judging those that are doing things outside of the norm, and get further satisfaction when those people fail. A judgmental personal tends to have a narrow mind and can’t see anything besides their own worldview. They’ll try to make you do the same and get you to join in the “fun” of judging other people. Avoid!

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