“Healthy” Habits That Aren’t So Healthy

The worst is when you are actively trying to be healthy and trying to incorporate healthy practices into your daily routine, only to find out that what you are doing is not helping, or may even be hurting you.

Below lists common “healthy” habits that really aren’t so healthy:

1. Brushing your teeth immediately after coffee

Brushing your teeth within 30 minutes of eating or drinking something highly acidic (such as coffee) can promote the acid into the enamel of your teeth, which can cause erosion and damage.

Fix it:

Rinse with water right after drinking coffee or after consuming any other highly acidic food, and wait an hour or least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

2. Avoiding fat

Do not fear fat. Fat is a necessary component of your diet and not eating enough fat can be detrimental to your health. A low fat intake can lead to dry skin, dry hair, insufficient absorption of essential vitamins, low levels of reproductive hormones, and hunger. 

Fix it:

Incorporate healthy fats into every meal. Healthy fats are fats that come from real food sources, such as nuts, seeds, and avocado. Bad fats come from highly processed foods and fried foods.

3. Doing the same workout everyday

First of all, bravo to you for finding a workout you like and sticking with it! That being said, doing the exact same exercise everyday can increase your risk of an overuse injury. Your body will also start to burn less calories with the same workout because it is not challenged anymore.

Fix it:

Try a yoga class or other fitness class, or change the incline/resistance on the treadmill, and/or could shorten the workout and increase the intensity – the options are endless!

4. Stretching before a workout

Your muscles are cold and constricted before you start working out. For this reason, stretching a cold muscle puts you at high risk for a strain or even a tear. Once you start exercising this makes your muscles expand and become more flexible, which is why ideally you stretch after a workout not before. 

Fix it:

Instead of stretching before your workout, warm-up for 5-10 minutes. A warm-up is exactly that, a “warm-up” of your muscles to make them more flexible for exercise. A warm-up should be low impact, such as walking or jogging. Stretching is still important, but be sure to save the stretching for when your workout is done.

5. Always using your designated grocery bag or purse

Reusable grocery bags are a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria due to the different food products touching and/or spilling in the bag. Think about how many hands touched those food products before you, or where those food products where stored before you got to them, or even if that bag of meat your purchased spilled a little bit in your bag. You can read more about this here.

Fix it:

You don’t have to ditch your bags, just make a point to wash them once a week, or at least once a month. Try to make a point of designating bags for groceries and even designating a bag for each type of grocery item. For example, one bag for produce, one bag for meat, etc.

Main takeaways…

The above are just some things to keep in mind and may be good habits to break if you’ve found yourself doing one or more of the above. Keep doing your best to stay healthy, your body will thank you 🙂


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