How to Bring Out Your Positive Emotions

We all have positivity inside of us, it just takes cultivating certain daily approaches to life to bring it out. Our brains are wired to default to the emotions that are most often demonstrated – so instead of focusing on fear, grief, and other negative emotions – focus on love, passion, and other positive emotions. Here are 7 emotional “seeds” to try and plant daily.


1. Confidence

The world moves out of the way for the confident person that knows where they are going. With your sense of confidence flowing through your veins, you’ll be primed for success and positivity.


2. Curiosity

Great things weren’t created by those doing the same thing day after day. Instead, being curious and exploring all kinds of different pursuits keeps you happy and not feeling stuck – something we can all relate to.


3. Gratitude

Taking a step back from life, and realizing all of the amazing things you have in it, is the single greatest way to return to a state of positivity. When you are grateful, all of the worry about what you don’t have breaks away.


4. Love

The feeling of love seems to just melt away any negative emotions we are feeling. Love is inherently a positive feeling, embrace it daily!


5. Flexibility

When we are set in our ways and something comes in and changes our direction, we inherently – get frustrated (a negative emotion). Instead of being frustrated with changes, embrace and adapt to them. As long as you are continuing on a path to your goals, the route doesn’t matter.


6. Optimism

Living in a state of optimism immediately puts you ahead of all of those people looking out for the negativity in the world (sadly, that’s a lot of people – just turn on the news). By looking for the positive in life, you’ll find yourself in a happier state and primed to achieve great things in life.


7. Passion

Have you ever been around someone who is so excited about what they are talking about that you can’t help but be excited? It’s incredible to be around and not only are you in a state of positivity, but all of those around you will be too.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”