How to Build Your Creative Mind

Do you ever look at the world’s creative minds and think to yourself – “I wish I was like that!”? While innate talent is important, fostering an environment to allow for creativity to flow through you is almost equally important. 

Here are the top ways to help you become more creative in your daily life:


1. Enable your “beginner’s mind”

Oddly enough, you actually have an advantage over the experts – you see, experts are often set in their ways and can only see a narrow view of what’s in front of them. A beginner on the other hand is able to see the challenge with a fresh set of eyes.


2. Give yourself free time

It’s impossible to be creative when you are caught up running from task to task. Whether it’s letting your mind run free when you are in the shower, or setting aside time of the day to just “have a think”, you must give yourself the environment to let the creative juices flow!


3. Write down your ideas

We all come up with ideas then almost instantly forget them. To keep fostering our creativity, we should have a designated space (notes section, journal, etc.) where we log our ideas. Side note: I like to put a date next to my ideas so I can have some context when I revisit them years later. 


4. Be eclectic

Some of the best creative ideas come from cross-pollinating ideas between two (or more) disciplines. Being eclectic in your life and exploring many different areas is one of the quickest ways to creativity!

5. Solve your own problems

Try finding solutions to your own problems, then share them with the world. If you’ve conquered your own problems, odds are that someone else could use your solution to help them. This can come in the form of a blog post, book, etc. Share with the world!

6. Take the next step

Ideas are great, but execution is everything! If you are only constantly coming up with ideas, but never doing anything about them, then your brain may get burned out and feel that they are being wasted. Pick your best idea and start putting it into action!

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