How to Eat Healthy AND Save Money on Vacation

Experiences and memories last forever which is why vacation is one of the very best things you can spend your money on. That being said, vacation can be quite costly! One aspect of vacation that can either make or break your bank account is the food. Think about how many meals you eat a day, the drinks you order, the snacks – it all adds up quickly! The good news is that with a little planning, you can easily create healthy meals from your hotel room and save yourself a few hundred bucks in the process.

Read below to learn which food items you should pack to easily put together cheap and healthy meals:

Protein powder

A protein shake or smoothie in the morning is the perfect healthy meal to start your day. Scoop out some protein powder into a ziplock bag and bring along on your next trip.

Travel hack: If you are traveling by car or you have room in your luggage, think about packing a blender or at the very least a shaker bottle! This way you will be able to blend fruit and ice into your shake.


Pack a loaf of bread to easily make sandwiches from your hotel room. Bread is easy to bring along because it isn’t temperature sensitive.

Sandwich ideas include:

  • cheese sandwich
  • avocado toast
  • nut butter toast
  • nut butter banana sandwich
  • nut butter apple sandwich


Bananas are a great food to travel with because they are already self-packaged! A banana is great to add to a protein shake, eat alone, or to pair with nut butter for a sandwich.

Travel hack: If you are not able to travel with bananas, then scope out your hotel for complementary fruit – usually you will find them in the fitness center!


This is another great fruit to have on hand because it doesn’t require any prep work to eat. Pair apple slices with cheese or nut butter and you have yourself a healthy and tasty meal or snack!

Nut butter

Pack a jar of nut butter in your suitcase or pick some up at a local grocery near your hotel. Note: If you are flying, just make sure the jar of nut butter is in your checked luggage!


Cheese is a great item to have in your fridge because you can snack on it alone or throw a slice on toast and call it breakfast!

Travel hack: If you are driving to your vacation destination, then throw a pack or two of cheese in a cooler, otherwise just pick this up at the local market or grocery store.


This is another great food to pack because it is already self-packaged. It is also super versatile and can be eaten alone or added to a piece of toast with or without cheese – my personal preference would to be to pair it with some cheese 🙂

Main takeaways…

A big part of your vacation is dining out at new restaurants and trying new foods, but you can certainly swap out some of those meals for cheap healthy meals from the comfort of your hotel room 🙂 Even just making your own breakfast a couple of days will save you big bucks.


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