How to Eat Healthy at Disneyland

We recently went to Disneyland, and one of the first things I noticed when we got there was where were the healthy food options?! Everywhere you look there is a stand for popcorn, churros, candy, french fries, all the highly processed junk food, where was the health food!? I assume there must be a good majority of people who go to Disneyland asking the same question, which prompted me to right an article about my favorite health hacks at Disneyland.

Here is my guide to how to eat healthy, tasty and reasonably priced meals while at Disneyland:


Before you get into the craziness and crowdedness of Disneyland Park, relax for a bit in Downtown Disney and get a high protein meal that will stick with you throughout the entire morning – standing in line for hours actually uses a lot of energy!

  • Bring from home

    • Protein Bar  

      You can save some money by just bringing a high quality protein bar, aim for a bar that has around 20 grams of protein, 0-3 grams of sugar, and 5 or more grams of fiber. Starting off the day with protein will keep your blood sugar stable and keep you full until lunch.

  • Starbucks – Located in Downtown Disneyland

    • Spinach, Feta, and Egg White Wrap

      This is a high protein, medium carbish breakfast which should help keep you satisfied until lunch. There are at least two Starbucks in Downtown Disneyland which is the area right before you go into Disneyland Park.

    • Coffee 

      Get your coffee here because it has almond milk and soy milk. The other coffee spots inside Disneyland Park only had regular cow’s milk  – maybe there is another coffee shop in Disneyland that offers non-dairy milk but I did not find one.

  • La Brea Bakery – Located in Downtown Disneyland

    • Chorizo Frittata 

      This is a high protein, high fat option, just be sure to skip the toast and potatoes.

    • Eggs Any Style 

      I always recommend poached eggs because these are cooked in water rather than unhealthy oils (unless the menu specifically says it uses coconut oil, otherwise assume they use unhealthy oil). Skip the potatoes and toast here as well.

    • Mushroom Feta Frittata 

      This is a great meat-free, high protein and high fat breakfast that also comes with a side of greens.

  • Catal Restaurant – Located in Downtown Disney

    • Skinny Omelet 

      This includes egg whites, goat cheese, and mixed vegetables with a side of berries.  I recommend asking for full eggs to get the benefits of the egg yolks which are full of vitamins and fat to keep you full and satisfied.


You will likely want to stay in Disneyland Park for lunch so that you can have a quick meal and get back in line for your favorite ride!


  • Bengal Barbecue – Located in Adventureland in Disneyland Park. 

    This was definitely our go-to for a high protein and very low carb lunch. I recommend ordering 3-4 skewers to keep you full and satisfied. I tried all of the below and all were super tasty and satisfying!

    • Beef Skewer

    • Vegetable skewer

    • Safari Skewer (bacon wrapped asparagus) – delicious!

    • Chicken Skewer

There are certainly other spots in Disneyland for lunch, but most of the menus did not look too appealing or were overpriced.  I am also pretty skeptical of pre-made salads or salads at theme parks in general, because in my experience they don’t tend to have much flavor.


I recommend heading over to Downtown Disneyland for dinner because it is less crowded and there are more options for sitting down with your family or friends. There are plenty of restaurants in Downtown Disneyland, and  these are the tastiest and healthiest options we tried.

  • La Brea Bakery – Located in Downtown Disneyland

    • Cobb Salad 

      This is always a great go-to because it is a mix of protein and fat plus salad greens. This Cobb Salad has gorgonzola cheese (if you are dairy-free ask to leave out), smoked bacon, roasted turkey, and avocado. Leave the corn off (it has enough flavor without it!) and dressing on the side.

    • Braised Short Rib 

      Ask for this to come with mashed cauliflower rather than mashed potatoes, you can’t tell the difference! I was shocked to find that a restaurant in Disneyland would be so healthy to offer cauliflower mash! This meal was super tasty and I would order it every time.

    • Montecito Salad w/ Grilled Salmon

      This comes with goat cheese and greens, a lighter salad if you are not super hungry. I recommend leaving off the candied walnuts (ie. candy walnuts) and asking for the dressing on the side.

  • Catal Restaurant – Located in Downtown Disneyland

    • Diver Scallops 

      Scallops are a good source of protein, plus this comes with roasted cauliflower and cauliflower mash, as well as brussels sprouts. Yum!

  • Tortilla Jo’s – Located in Downtown Disneyland

    • Fajita’s Fiesta w/ Grilled Chicken or Steak

      With plenty of vegetables, and ask for no rice and black beans (black beans are much healthier and more fibrous than refried beans), and no tortillas. This also comes with guacamole which makes this meal a perfect combination of fat, protein, and vegetables.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations!

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