How to Live a Life of Purpose


I think we can all admit that we often spend our days navigating busyness while on ‘autopilot’, jumping from task to task, not living life with a true intention. When we do this we don’t feel a sense of joy or purpose in our lives, but instead feel anxiety and chaos. Here are 7 tips to live your life more deliberately.


1. Start with why

Before you start off your day, or a new task, ask yourself why you are doing this. This will shed light on areas that you often don’t pay attention to and are just doing because you always have (autopilot).

2. Choose and focus

Pick what you WANT to do for the day and devote all of your energy and focus to it. If you select just a few big tasks, you’ll be amazed at the joy and accomplishment that comes with it.

3. Single-task

Once you have an idea of the things you want to accomplish for the day do each one of them at a time. You’ll be tempted to multi-task, but instead keep your eye on the prize of each task at hand.

4. Be in the moment

Everything we do is an opportunity to reach a meditative state if you treat it as such. As you are focusing on your tasks let the experience fully take over you. When your mind isn’t wandering, and you’re fully in the present moment, you’ll be overwhelmed with a feeling of bliss.

5. Give yourself space

Don’t try and fill your days completely with tasks. It’s important to have time to just think. This can be during your morning coffee, daily workout, or afternoon walk – whenever works for you, just make the time!

6. Remove the junk

Yes this includes junk food (which clogs your brain), but also means removing the toxic things in your life that distract you from living a life of purpose. Sadly, this does include people too – in fact, they can be one of the biggest hinders in your life. With the junk removed, you’ll be more focused on what is truly important to you.

7. Choose your direction

Goals are great, but often change over time as our lives and circumstances also change. But if you choose the ‘direction’ you want to go with your life and always work towards that then you’ll always know where you are heading.

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