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Welcome to our podcast, “Live Your Best Life with The Mindful Tech Lab”, where we bring you forward-thinking tools and tips to help your  live your best life. It has been our mission since day one to create totally free self care tools for the world (like this podcast) so if you’ve benefited from our creations and want to further support our mission click here!


Episode #11: Quick Tips for Natural Pain Relief

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In this episode Sarah-Kate talks about her powerful ways to manage, prevent, and even cure pain naturally without having to turn to pain medication or expensive procedures. Chronic pain is unfortunately a very common problem for both men and women of all ages, so use these tips to help you relieve your pain today!



Episode #10: How to Turn Your Failures into Successes

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In this episode Eric talks about how to use your failures as stepping stones to reaching your own personal success. You’ve probably heard the story about Michael Jordan being cut from his freshmen basketball team or the one about how Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before finally inventing the light bulb. The truth is, there are millions of stories like this in everyday life – people that took a perceived “failure” and used that as motivation to reach their own success.


Episode #9: Avoid These Foods for Weight Loss

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In this episode Sarah-Kate talks about the foods that you’ll want to avoid if you’re looking to lose weight. We know it can be confusing when it comes to trying to eat healthy and make the best diet choices – think about how how many new diet books come out in a year!? That being said, there are some foods and drinks that will definitely promote weight gain and should be avoided if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Listen to this episode to learn Sarah-Kate’s 13 foods / drinks to avoid for weight loss!


Episode #8: How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

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In this episode we discuss “emotional intelligence” and how it helps us recognize, understand, and manage our emotions. People with a high emotional intelligence have learned how to manage their emotions to drive positivity in their life. Learn our 10 ways to increase your emotional intelligence today!




Episode #7: How to Keep Your Brain Young


In this episode we talk about 10 simple ways to keep your brain feeling young. Cognitive decline is one of the most feared aspects of aging. Yes your brain will change over time, but there are definitely ways to keep your brain young and to help prevent cognitive decline and dementia. Listen to hear what they are!




Episode #6: Why Gratitude is a Superpower


In this episode we discuss 7 reasons why taking the time to be grateful for the amazing things we DO have in our life, instead of thinking about what we DON’T have, presents a world of benefits to our overall well-being.



Episode #5: Eating Healthy on a Budget


In this episode, Sarah-Kate (our resident health expert) discusses the cheapest and healthiest foods that you can find in the market to help you to put together simple, healthy, and cheap meals. As a full-time college student for about eight years, SK had to learn how to eat healthy on a very tight budget – especially when living in New York City where prices seemed to be exponentially higher for everything! Learn her tips and tricks in this episode!


Episode #4: Why You Need Alone Time

In this episode we discuss 6 benefits of spending time in solitude. Humans are social beings by nature, we crave the sense of belonging and interaction with others. We get FOMO (fear of missing out) if a social activity is going on and we aren’t there. But if we were to look at all of the benefits of being alone, we may just get JOMO (joy of missing out) the next time we dodge a party or event. 


Episode #3: Why You Need to Stop Comparing to Others

In this episode we discuss the trap of comparing ourselves to those who appear to “have it better” than us – whether it’s a good friend, family member, or some random person you follow on Instagram – the temptation to compare is always there. Learn 5 reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others, now. 


Episode #2: How to Deal with Difficult People

In this episode we discuss how best to deal with those difficult people. No matter how you cut it, at some point throughout your days on earth you are going to come across a difficult person in which you’ll have to deal with. Even the most centered and mindful people run across these folks – truthfully, it’s almost impossible to avoid them.


Episode #1: How to Control Your Ego

In this episode we discuss the most common thing that gets in the way of reaching your personal success –  the ego. Your ego is responsible for seeking approval of others and what they may think if you fail. Your ego is there to constantly tell you what is lacking. Simply, the ego is not your friend. In this episode, we discuss the 7 ways to control your ego and stop it from stopping you from reaching your goals! 



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