Why You Should Start Coloring Daily

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Coloring has been a therapeutic method for years used by psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals to improve mood and induce relaxation in individuals.


Below lists the reasons why you should start coloring daily:

1. Reduces stress

Coloring has an instant stress relieving effect because it moves the focus from the stressor to the picture that the individual is about to color.

2. Trains your brain to focus

When you are trying to color with either an App and touch screen, or actually using coloring pencils, it requires your brain to focus and use precision.

3. Increases mindfulness

By increasing attention and focus to coloring within the lines induces mindfulness to keep you in the present. In this way coloring is a form of meditation because it brings attention and focus away from outside factors.

4. Beats boredom

Think about all those times when you are waiting for an appointment, sitting in the passenger seat with traffic, watching TV. Kids are not the only ones who get bored and fidgety from time to time. Instead of trolling through Facebook or Instagram reading through the same posts, try using this coloring book app that will actually keep your focus and attention.

5. Takes you back to childhood

Doing an activity as an adult that you did as a child can produce care-free memories of childhood when all you had to worry about was what game you were going to play with next.

6. Helps spark creativity

When you are trying to brainstorm and think of ideas sometimes the best way to spark a new idea is to take your mind off of the subject. The act of coloring helps to free your mind as you are being creative with your choices in color and pictures. The next time you are trying to get yourself into a creative mindset, consider coloring as this has shown to spark creativity.

Main takeaway…

Coloring is an amazingly effective and easy way to train your brain.


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