Top 10 Foods For Weight Loss

It seems like everyone is on a diet at some point in time for one reason or another, whether it be trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain current weight. The best diet will have a good mix of protein, fat, and fiber, and will be packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients to keep you satisfied and to give your body everything it needs.

Below is a list of the top foods that will keep you full and satisfied and will help you reach your goals faster. The foods below are very hard to overeat because they are so filling, so don’t worry about eating too much of them – if you are hungry, eat up! There are certainly other foods that can help with weight loss, but if you have trouble with portion sizes, you really don’t have to worry about that with the foods below.

Below lists the top 10 foods to get your lean and keep you lean:

1. Eggs

Eggs really are the perfect food. Eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein and fat, contain zero carbs, and are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Aim to add eggs to at least one of your meals or snacks.

2. Egg whites

Egg whites are great because they are pure protein and help to bulk up a meal. Important to note that the yolk is where you are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients (and flavor!), so I advise adding at least one full egg with egg whites.

3. Seafood

Almost all seafood is lean, but some of the best and tastiest include shrimp, cod, scallops, and salmon. Seafood is low in calories, high in protein, high in good fats, and packed with essential nutrients.

4. Chia seeds

I add chia seeds to basically anything that is low in fiber to help boost the fiber content of the meal. Chia seeds are almost completely fiber with a small amount of fat and are low in calories. I recommend adding a tablespoon to low fiber foods like eggs. Chia seeds have no flavor so they won’t change the flavor of your meal, don’t worry!

5. Chicken breast

Chicken breast is great because it is high in protein, has some fat, and is low in calories. It’s pretty difficult to eat too much chicken breast so eat as much as you want! Add chicken breast to salads to give the greens some protein or eat alone as a snack.

6. Leafy greens

My favorite leafy greens include kale, spinach, arugula, and romaine lettuce. I’m really loving romaine lettuce in particular right now  because it has a delicious crunchy texture and adds so much volume to meals.

7. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is my favorite vegetable right now because it is so versatile! Cauliflower is high in fiber and low in calories, meaning it will fill you up and you can never eat too much of it. Some of my favorite ways to eat cauliflower include cauliflower rice, cauliflower crust pizza, and cauliflower based wraps. 

8. Broccoli

Broccoli is also one of my favorite vegetables because it is high in fiber and adds volume to meals that will help to fill you up and keep satisfied. My favorite ways to prepare broccoli are steaming and roasting in the oven.

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are great for adding volume to meals or using as snacks because they are mostly composed of water. Eat mushrooms raw or slightly cooked – just don’t overcook them because they’ll shrink!

10. Peppers

Peppers are a great way to add some spicy flavor to dishes and may even rev up your metabolism! They also add great color to your meals as well as deliver vitamins and other nutrients.

Main takeaways…

Eat as much of the above as you want because each of the above foods will help to keep you lean and will prevent fat gain.

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