Top Tips To Prevent Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a very joyous time of year, filled with parties, friends and family. That being said, the holiday season can also bring about a lot of stress.

Read below to learn the top tips to prevent and reduce stress during the holiday season:

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, especially when it comes to the holidays. Don’t leave everything until the last moment because that is a guaranteed way to put yourself in a place of panic. 

Have a plan

Having a plan is how you can prevent yourself from procrastinating. Make a list of everything you need to get done and designate different days to get everything checked off your list. Making a plan early on helps to prevent stress and anxiety later.

Identify the triggers

Understand what the triggers are that make you feel stressed during the holidays. Is it shopping for gifts? Having to cook for a large group? Travel? When you understand what your stress triggers are, you can better plan to make them less stressful.

Sweat it out

Holidays are an extremely busy time, which is why exercise is so important this time of year. Exercise gives you energy, helps you sleep better, and helps to lower stress hormones in your body.

Cut down on sugar and carbs

The holidays are full of tempting desserts and high carb meals. Eating foods high in sugar and carbs causes a rollercoaster in your blood sugar levels, which leads to stress in your body, moodiness and hangry.

Go easy on the alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are often flowing during the holidays, and one too many cocktails can leave you feeling more stressed than you started. Make a point to watch your alcoholic intake during the holiday season.

Main takeaways…

Know that stress will happen during the holidays, but stress can be much more manageable if you have tools to help you get through it.

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