Why You Need Time Alone


Humans are social beings by nature, we crave the sense of belonging and interaction with others. We get FOMO (fear of missing out) if a social activity is going on and we aren’t there. But if we were to look at all of the benefits of being alone, we may just get JOMO (joy of missing out) the next time we dodge a party or event.

Here are our 6 benefits of spending time in solitude!


1. Creates self-reliance

We love telling a joke and hearing a friend laugh, it sends endorphins running through our body and makes us feel good. But the problem is that we are relying on an external thing (friend) to give us joy. When we are alone, we must give ourselves joy. The more you can spark joy by just being with yourself, the less reliant you’ll be on others.


2. Improves decision making

Instead of looking for help on a decision from friends, when you are by yourself you’ll be more inclined to think through and make the best choices on your own. Sometimes opinions from friends are helpful, but a lot of the time only we know what is best for us and it’s better to think through the possibilities alone.



3. Increases productivity

Of course it’s fun to hang out with friends, but it can very easily take you away from your goals (like working out, writing a book, making videos, etc.). I find the more time I spend alone, the more personal goals I reach.



4. Helps you reflect

It’s so easy for us to go from task to task in our daily lives and never take the time to step back and reflect on what is actually going on. When you are alone and take the time to reflect, you may realize that something you’ve been doing for the last year doesn’t make you happy at all and is the cause of most of your stress. By sitting and reflecting, you’ll be able to identify and create a plan to change it.



5. Recharges you

It can be exhausting being in large groups day in and day out. At work, at dinners with friends, at parties – it can all drain us physically and emotionally. You’ve probably been exhausted before and a friend dragged you to go out with them, but you weren’t really feeling it. You likely didn’t bring much joy to yourself (or your friend for that matter). Next time, opt to stay at home and recharge.



6. More engaged

By actually spending more time alone and working on yourself, when you do take the time to spend it with friends you’ll find yourself more engaged in conversation. When you have a better handle on your personal goals, then you are able to open up and help your friends with their life.


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